Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, today, the kids and I went with my parents to a nearby picnic/camp area called Mill Creek. Our friends Skye, Aria and Jeff came out for a little while too. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we all had a great time! Too bad Casey had to work and missed out on all the fun... Trent hanging out in the stroller.
After unloading and getting our picnic site set up, we did some exploring and "digging". And, yes, Katie wore her Princess Hawaiian lei to the mountains :)

Tys doing some exploring
Tys and Nana getting ready for a ride on the 4-wheeler.. one of many for Tys. He is currently in love with the 4-wheelers and is always asking his Papa for a ride (which sounds more like "ry")

For lunch we roasted hot dogs over the fire. Katie thought that was pretty cool!!

Papa and Trent on the wooden bridge.

After lunch we walked down to the river and let the kids play in the water. It was too cold for them so they just got their feet in and, played with their sticks in the mud.

My awesome mom and I hanging out by the river... watching the kids (although not close enough because we almost lost one of Tys' shoes. Thankfully Katie pointed it out to us as it was floating away)
Trent after a long afternoon of exploring....

Katie and I roasting marshmellows. Actually, I was roasting her marshmellow for her. She had been waiting for DAYS to roast a marshmellow and was so excited when the time came! The interesting thing was she wouldn't actually eat it. She carried that poor little mellow around on the stick for the rest of the afternoon... it eventually ended up stuck to Papa's camp chair!! lol
Tys wouldn't eat one either... I don't know why our kids won't even try a marshmellow?? Oh well, the rest of us ate enough smorses for them :)

Tys and I getting ready for one last ride before going home. Katie rode a couple of times too but for some reason I didn't get any pictures of her. With help from my dad, she is learning how to stear the quad!
Now once Casey gets home we're going to bbq steaks and have dinner with my parents.