Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

We arrived home from our trip to Boise around 9 last night and, had a great weekend! Mom and I left with the kids early Saturday morning and had an uneventful trip there. Amazingly, Trent did awesome on his first big drive! He played with his toys and slept the whole time... Tys was a whole different story. He really doesn't like to sit for more than 5 minutes... so, a 5 hour drive was considered torture for him :) First, we went to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Arnie's house for a bbq. It was good to see our family and my cousin, Tonya... whom we hadn't see in about a year. Then, we went to my little brother's place before heading to our hotel. Uncle Jake and Trent
Aunt Judy and Trent ~ it was such a beautiful day outside!
Sunday ~ We went to church in the morning and it was great to see our old friends again! Then, Katie spent the afternoon with her Auntie Ri and Oma. I took the boys and went to lunch with Jake and my mom at the Texas Roadhouse then, back to the hotel for naps. My mom and Jake got to go golfing... After the boys woke up, we went to Marie's house and visited with her and Mom for the rest of the afternoon/evening. We had a great time hanging out in the front yard and playing at the Camelsback park! Marie is still recovering from her recent foot surgery so she got to just sit and hold Trent. It was a very nice, relaxing Mother's Day. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of me and my kids :)

Tys with his Oma... they were looking at the squirrels

Trent and Oma

Katie and Oma.. having fun at the park

Auntie Ri and Trent
Monday morning we did errands and some shopping before heading home around 3. The kids were exhausted from their busy 2 days and had good long naps in the car!