Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A few pictures of our happy little boy! We thought Tys was easy-going and content... well, thankfully Trent is even more so. He is perfectly happy to just hang out and watch his older siblings play. And he's always ready to give you a smile or tell you one of his stories. He has also recently learned how to blow bubbles with his slobber ~ not very appealing but highly entertaining for him! Rarely does he cry... just when he's hungary or tired. When he does cry it's a high pitched shrill that sends a shiver up your spine! Like I said, thankfully, we were blessed with a happy baby!!
Katie and her little brother hanging out

Meredith was in town, from Boise, over the weekend. She stopped by to visit us and, as always, it was great to see her!
Princess Katie
My little brother got laid off from his job today. He worked for a medical supply company (in Boise) and with this stressed economy people just aren't into specialized equipment right now. His roommate was also recently laid off from HP and, we have two other good friends without jobs right now. This is all hitting close to home for us. I am so thankful we live in a community with a pretty stable economy and I'm not stressing whether or not my husband will have a job tomorrow (although I realize that could always change) Even if it is a dry, dusty town and known as the "arm pit of America" :)
My mom arrived home from Boise today with a new plastic ball and bat for Tys... which, of course, he loves! He is a natural at throwing and we're always telling him to quit hitting things SO, his new bat and ball gives him an excuse to hit and throw something :) I don't know if it's just because he's a boy but, Tys really does have a great talent of throwing. His throws are accurate and go far... I see a pro baseball player in the future (even though his Uncle Jake is training him for football!)