Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike rides

Dad cleaned up our bikes and the kid's bike trailer yesterday so, Mom and I took the kids out for a ride after dinner last night. We stopped by the park to play and the store for ice cream along the way! This is Tys and Katie in the bike trailer last year... Tys was so small he couldn't even sit up very well!! And, I remember that his bike helmet was too big and kept falling down into his eyes (which meant he usually fell asleep because there wasn't anything to see anyways!) And, here they are this year! Both bigger and loving every minute of it. Tys was pretty intent during the whole ride watching things as they zoomed by. Katie did her usual chatter and singing! And, that purple princess dress she's wearing is her current favorite one. She wore it three days in a row until I finally convinced her this afternoon that it needed to be washed! Playing at the playground last night was a bit tricky but she quickly learned how to lift her dress like a lady to climb the stairs :)