Tuesday, February 11, 2014


About a month ago we made big plans to go up to McCall this last weekend. However, a big snow storm moved in and we got dumped with LOTS of snow! So, we decided to wait on the McCall trip and stay closer to home instead.  On Saturday morning I shoveled our sidewalks (and a few of our elderly neighbors), ate a yummy waffle breakfast prepared by Casey (a Saturday morning tradition!) then, loaded up the kids & Jesse and headed to a great sledding hill just a few minutes from our house. Its located near Lake Lowell and at a newer park that has some perfect sized hills for little sledders :) It was quite the popular place to go as it was busy with other families having fun too!  Tys was spending the night/day with my parents so it was just the three kids... they had lots of fun and actually lasted longer than an hour :) 

 The frozen Lake Lowell
 A big snowball intended for her dad :)
By the end of the day the temperatures had warmed up considerably and all that snow was beginning to melt.. then it rained.  Lots of mud and slush! So, we were very happy that we got to go sledding in the morning before it was gone!

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