Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MAF Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago the 1st and 2nd grade class from Zion went on a field trip to our local MAF Headquarters, here in Nampa.  My kids have been there quite a few times before because Meredith works there however, this was the first time they actually time they actually got to sit in one of the planes and listen to the former missionaries tell them about the missionary field.  They learned quite a bit about what life is like for missionary kids in other countries.  A cool factor that each person pointed out was that everybody can be a missionary no matter where they live or what they do.  Unfortunately, Meredith was sick the day of the field trip so we didn't even get to see her!  
 the "pilots"

 In the plane...
 Tim grew up as a missionary MAF kid in Papua New Guinea and now oversees the planes at MAF.  He shared lots of information and made it fun for the kids!  My boys keep talking about the story Tim told how he was flying a batch of bees from one point to another when some of the bees got out while in flight! He had to fly the rest of the way, in that tiny plane, with bees buzzing all around him!  Trenton was also fascinated with the little bins or, compartments underneath the belly of the plane.. they usually hold live animals like a few chickens.
 Cutie pie Eleana

In the foyer at MAF is the old frame to the plane that the famous missionaries, Nate Saint & Jim Elliott and 2 others flew.

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