Monday, February 24, 2014

Ri's Baby Shower

Last Saturday Katie Rose and I attended Marie's baby shower, hosted by our dear friend's Meredith and Kasey.  The "brunch" was held at Kasey's house that morning and they did such a great job at the decorations and food!  There were quite a few friends and family and it was a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming arrival of "Baby Smith" :) 

 Marie and the hostess', Kasey and Meredith

 Katie and Marie are due just 20 days a part!

 Mom flew in from CA for the week. She stayed at Marie & Kyle's house for most of the week to work on the nursery but, did stay with us on Thur/Fri night.

 Marie and Miriam
We're all looking forward to finding out if Baby Smith is a girl or boy!!

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