Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hemingway Butte, Melba Id.

Two weekends ago we enjoyed a fun-filled Saturday riding the 4-wheelers and go-cart at Hemingway Butte (aka. Reynolds Creek) Casey had to work so the kids and I went with my parents and Leon.. and, met my aunt and uncle there as well.  The weather was a little cooler that day but, we just put on extra layers and drank hot cocoa to warm us up! Tys and Katie are both doing so well at driving the go-cart; Trenton and Kristiana love the rides!! 
 Leon showing Kristiana how to "drive"

 Hot Chocolate.... yummy!!

 Trenton likes to go really fast so, he loves it when Papa gives him rides and gets to go "super fast"!

 Trenton and Papa on top of the butte

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