Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Field Trip

Last Thursday Katie and Tys' class got to take a field trip to their teacher, Mrs. Pridgen's, home.  All week long they had been learning about apples (and other "fall" veggies/fruits) and Mrs. Pridgen was kind enough to invite them all to her "apple orchard"!  She has a beautiful home in the middle of our city.. tucked away so you'd never know it was there!  She had so much for the kids to see, learn and do. Although a little cold outside, it was such a fun morning! 
 Gathering the group and ready to head out to the apple orchard...
 Kristiana found her apple :)
 Mr. Pridgen gave a lesson on apples and how they're grown
 There were even a few pears!
 Each child got to climb the little ladder and pick 3 of their own apples... then, because there were so many that the Pridgen's wanted to get rid of... we "mommys" were given a bag and able to pick LOTS of our own :) I've been baking all kinds of yummy apple dishes with them!

 ~ Classmates ~

 After the lesson and apple picking, there were games to play in the backyard... apple relay races and toss the apple in the tire etc.

 And to top of their fun morning, Mrs. Pridgen baked yummy apple crisp for us all!!!
Miss Angie and Miss Kristiana

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