Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A few photos from my camera phone...
 Kristiana has a deep love for Minnie Mouse! One day last week she had to take her Minnie's with her on our trip to the grocery store.
 Kristiana and I are continuing to get our weekly jogs in.  The temperatures are getting cooler now so we're adding on a few layers but, are certainly enjoying the fall colors too!! I'm still averaging 30 running miles a week.. adding in more challenging workouts.  I'm looking forward to next weekend half marathon in the Boise foothills!
 Last night I helped my friend, Katie, paint at their new farmhouse. While I was gone, Casey grilled hamburgers for the kids (Janelie was over to play too) It looked like fun!
Trenton and Kristiana didn't make it to the big Linder Pumpkin Patch this fall, like Katie and Tys. I did find a good roadside pumpkin patch where they were able to pick their own pumpkins!  They then got to decorate them at home...

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