Sunday, May 19, 2013

School Days

We are now in the final days of school before summer break and all the kids (and teachers!) are doing the big countdown! This coming Friday is their last night... this coming week is filled with fun activities and field trips.  Two weeks ago their school held a day of field & track day for the K-2nd graders. Tys and Eleana tied for first in the long run! 

Previously, at the school auction, my parents bid on and won a certificate for Katie to be "teacher for the day" in her classroom. She was able to do this last Thurs. She and her teacher, Mrs Pridgen, had planned the whole day and Katie looked forward to it with great anticipation!  Thursday was a wonderful day for her! She let her class have additional recesses, no homework, a short movie, ice cream sandwiches and yes, there was a little bit of learning to do!! :) Her favorite part of the whole day was going called "Miss Haveman" by her classmates ha ha!!

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