Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day ~ Camping

Sunday morning the kids and I met my parents and, about 25 other family members and friends, at our favorite campsite, Clear Creek. It's in the mountains between Boise and Cascade... about a 2 hour drive from our house. We came home this morning so, it was one of our shorter camping trips but, still lots of fun!  I love the scenery of the mountains, trees and creek up there and, there are quite a few good riding trails. It was great to have Casey come be with us for the day on Monday!  The kids kept themselves busy with hiking, riding their bikes, exploring and going on rides with an adult.  They have also been working on their riding skills (steering, using the gas and break etc.) They were exhausted by the end of the two days!! 

 My running buddy enjoying the view :)
 Trenton's attempt at climbing that "big mountain"!

 All of the kids (8 kids) at the campground had a blast riding their bikes around the campsite. They found themselves little jumps to practice jumping or, pretended they were riding motorcycles!

 It's always a good time with our good friends, Paul and Rachel Larson, with their sons, Josh & Aaron
 Rachel and Katie made "flower gardens" on the camper window!
 Trenton wore this riding helmet practically the whole time... I would have a sore neck but it didn't bother him at all (except, when it came time to eat! haha)
 Katie and Nana stoking the fire

 Casey and my Uncle Joe..

 Kristiana's first ride on the 4-wheeler! She loved it!

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