Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June 27th - We celebrated Kristiana's 1st birthday!!  She spent her special day showered in love from her family and friends... 
 Good morning, birthday girl!
 as per tradition, her birthday breakfast was a chocolate donut... yum, yum

 for lunch we went to Wendy's for hamburgers and frosty's

 to work off all those sweets, we spent the afternoon at Settlers Park in Meridian.  This park is one of our favorites because of it's cool playground and water fountains.  Kristiana LOVED the water fountains! She spent her time splashing in the water crawling back and forth between fountains.

 In the evening we had a little party with her siblings, Aunt Marie, Meredith, Brian, Jake and Kristal at my parent's house... Katie chose a Mini Mouse themed party for her little sister!

 Such a big girl with her new purse!

Happy Birthday, Kristiana!! Your family loves you!

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