Friday, July 6, 2012

June 22-25 the kids and I went camping with my parents and friends at Clear Creek.  We have been going camping and 4-wheeling at C.C. for years now and love it!  The scenery is amazing!  This was Kristiana's first big camping trip and she did super... the older kids had lots of fun playing in the creek, riding the 4-wheelers and go-cart, playing in the dirt, eating S'Mores and just being in the great outdoors.  We enjoyed our time with friends, Paul and Rachel and their 2 sons... and, also my friend, Colleen, and her 3 boys came up for a night.  

 Kristiana and I slept in the tent while, the older kids slept in my parent's camper.  She and I snuggled together to stay warm as it got a little chilly at night!
 Papa and the boys hanging out by the campfire
 Good times at the creek!

 Trenton fell asleep during this go-cart ride....
 Kristiana and our friend, Paul
 Colleen and I ready to ride the trails!
 Post ride... just a tad dirty :)
 me and my pops... nothing like a cold beverage after a good ride
 the three of us rode to the Horsethief Reservoir
 This picture looks like I cropped Kristiana in!
 Trenton's slightly burned 'mellow.. poor boy... he worked so hard at roasting it!


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