Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in our lives! During our time spent in Idaho we were able to spend time with many friends... some we hadn't seen in years!  We went to birthday parties, Sunday afternoon bbq's or, out to dinner, play-dates at the park and concerts.
 One Sunday afternoon we went to Peter and Miriam DeWinkle's house for lunch.  The kids had a great time playing with their friends... it was nice to see Marie and Kyle there too :)

 On June 6, Kristiana and I went to Meredith's birthday dinner at the Flatbread Community Oven in Meridian (great place to eat!) I've known Meredith for over 25 years now and am so blessed to have such a fun and amazing friend in my life!
 We also went downtown for dessert at Goody's... yum!

 Brian - he's a handy guy to have around! ha ha      
Casey and I and Joe were originally going to the Nickelback concert together however, it turned out that the guys both had to work.  So, I went with my long-time friends Keith and Brian.  I have known them for about 13 years now and they've been such wonderful friends to me.   They are my brothers!  We had LOTS of fun at the concert and I look forward to taking Casey with me next time :)

The kids and I visited our dear friend, Vera, a couple of times.  She had recent knee surgery and was in a rehab facility for about 3 weeks.

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