Monday, December 20, 2010

School Christmas party

Katie's school had their "Happy Birthday Jesus" Christmas party on Friday. The kids each exchanged a book and enjoyed birthday cake. For the book exchange, the girls sat in a circle and the boys sat in their own circle. Then, they played a game sort of like Hot Potatoe... when the music went off, the book you were holding was yours. Katie got three Sesame Street books on shapes, ABC's and numbers. She now has two weeks off from school... she will miss her friends but I won't miss having to get her up and off to school by 8:05! lol Katie has really done well in school and demonstrates on a daily basis what she's learned. Her favorite thing to do is point out letters that she has learned (they have learned through L) and showing their phonic sounds. She is actually figuring out how to spell words! She also teaches herself how to write the letters and, even though it may not be the "correct" way of writing, you can still tell what it is. Katie was also blessed with an exceptional memory. I will read her a book and, notice a little while later that Katie is reading that same book to her brothers. Maybe not word for word, but pretty close. What a great gift to have... Wish I had that!
Katie, Taylor and Lauren (Lauren's dad works with Casey)

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