Thursday, September 18, 2014

First BSU game

Our family have always been big BSU fans.  Casey and I have attended games together and watched many games on t.v.  I'm just a little more passionate about our smurf-turf-broncos and am happy to have passed that along to our football loving Tys!  These last couple of years he has had a big dream of wanting to take ME on a date to a live home game.  Last year we couldn't afford the expensive tickets so we watched them on t.v. together.  This year we were able to allow Tys' dream come true!  I bought tickets to the season's first home game and surprised Tys!  He was SO happy!! He and I went to the big game on Sat, Sept 6th and truly had SO much fun! I think watching Tys' expressions, reactions and amazement made it all so awesome :)

 Dr Pepper and a BSU game... he's one very happy boy!
 Up close at the blue turf
 The game was a late one (8pm) and didn't end until just after midnight.  I thought for sure that Tys would get tired but, no, he was super excited the whole time and we stayed until the last 5 minutes of the game.
 And, we won!
Tys' reaction when I gave him the tickets a couple of days earlier :)

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