Tuesday, September 2, 2014

McCall, Idaho

The weekend of Aug 22nd we spent a three day weekend up at beautiful McCall with my parents and Jake & Krystal.  We camped in the Ponderosa State Park campground and had a fun weekend by the lake!  It rained the first night we were there but had nice weather the rest of the time.  We had fun playing in the lake, taking hikes around the campground, eating yummy ice cream in "ice cream alley" in McCall, roasting S'mores and I got in two awesome early morning runs on two mountain trails. The view of the mountains and lake was amazing!
 Hiking... Tys found an old woodpecker home
 We saw lots of deer.

 A big bee hive!

 Autumn is in the air...

 Mom and I took the girls on a little hike and found a huckleberry patch! We were able to pick about 2 cups worth and I baked yummy huckleberry bars!

 On Saturday afternoon we spent a couple of hours playing in the lake and in the sand on the shore.

 We recently got a new/used kayak from Casey's boss and were able to try it out for the first time.  It was lots of fun and the kids loved it!

No matter the season or time of year, we always love spending time in McCall!

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