Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tys' Birthday

We had a blast celebrating Tys' birthday!  It fell on a Wednesday this year so, we kept the day fun but also low key.  At noon his friends (and our neighbors) Dillon, MaKenna and Ellie came over for lunch, games, gifts and cake.  Then, around 3:30 I took the boys on a fun "boys outing" to Wahooz.  It's a local game/ride family fun zone place in Meridian... the boys have never really gotten to go and play before and, well, they were all SO excited!  I got them unlimited passes for the go-carts, laser tag, game card to play the video games and the 3D Dark Ride.  We were there for 5 hours and only stopped once for pizza and soda :)
 Games included... bobbing for mini donuts... pin the tail on the donkey...

 And seeing how could roll their balloon with just their heads to the finish line first!  Dillon won that one..

 Gifts included from friends and family included Lego sets, binoculars, Transformers and two water guns!

Tys on his first go-cart ride!! It was a blast!!

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