Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rodeo and Thunderstorms

On Tues. afternoon we met up with my mom to finish school clothes/supplies shopping... then, we headed over to the Canyon County Fairgrounds for our fav. yearly rodeo, Caldwell Night Rodeo.  It was family night so we spent the first half hour playing kiddie games and brushing the horses.. Then, a BIG thunderstorm rolled in and we got drenched! We made a mad dash back to our vehicle and decided to go to ice cream instead of the rainy rodeo!  Thankfully, we hadn't paid for our rodeo tickets yet... and, the kids had fun at the little kiddie rodeo carnival so, it wasn't all a "lost evening" :)

 Amazing thundercloud!
 It wasn't the rodeo but, DQ ice cream is just as good!

The perfect end to a fun evening....

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