Thursday, July 10, 2014


Today we leave for our big trip to the beautiful state of Montana... aka. God's Country.  Montana has been a part of my life since I was a child and I'm so happy to be taking my own family back there now.  First we'll spend the weekend in Missoula then, we'll spend a few days in majestic Glacier Nat'l Park.  Lastly, we'll head home through Northern Idaho and visit the Hiawatha Bike trails for a few days.  Along with my parents (and our campers) we'll be gone for about 10 days.

Because of our history in beautiful Montana, my mom and I have chosen to run our first full marathon in Missoula that first weekend we're there.  This is a special event for us.  We've run 6 half marathons together (well, we start out together but don't always finish together) trained countless running miles, pushed each other along and conquered new achievements.  Our first full marathon will be amazing! I began running about 2.5 years ago and  never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my first 1 miler on the treadmill (breathless and in pain!) would lead to 26.2 of those (however, just a tad more in shape now...) I'm not the fasted runner but, I get the job done.  For me, it's not about placing 1st in the race but, placing 1st in my own personal goals.  Giving my best.  Enduring through the challenge. Crossing the finish line.  Both mom and I have trained hard for this... For me, it's something that I simply could not do without the support and help of my amazing family.  Mainly, Casey.  He's pushed me to go for a run when I might not be feeling the energy to go (and he knows how happy I am after that I did go!) He's encouraged me and helped me in so many ways!  And even though I've missed out on years of Saturday morning homemade waffles with him and the kids, I know that's also a special time for them.  I've also missed out on many, many mornings of sleeping in.  Yes, as I'm running in the quiet, early morning darkness of a Saturday long run, I'm thinking "everyone else is still in bed. I could be too. I must be crazy!" But, really, I enjoy it and wouldn't want it any other way. Running is my time to think... heal from demons of the past... pray... come up with new ideas... plan... and know without a doubt that it's truly through Him that I can do ALL things!  I also love the support that I get from my kids!  I love the way Kristiana asks "mom, you going for a run?" whenever she sees me get my running shoes out. And, nothing gives me more energy during a race then knowing my kids and husband will be cheering me on at the finish line!  Yes, I cry every time I see them!  Lastly, my mom is my biggest inspiration.  She's twice my age and enduring all the challenges that I'm going through too.  She's strong. She's a fighter.  She also "kicks me in the butt" when I need it!  I love running with her and am so happy we're getting the "mother/daughter team" at our local races here in Boise.

  Over the course of these last few years I've learned so much about the sport of running.  Honestly, I used to really dislike it.  I loved any other type of cardio.. just keep me away from running.  But, after I had my last baby that was the only thing that worked in our schedule; and we had a treadmill in our bedroom.  I slowly began running when I had time and it gradually worked up from there.  I remember the first time I ran 6 miles and thought it was SO awesome! :)  Sometimes, running is as simple as lacing up a pair of running shoes and hitting the road.  I'm also learning how eat properly to fuel my body for what it needs to do, stretching, strength training etc.  This last spring I got lazy in my running form during a faster paced run and sprained a muscle in my right leg.  It's been tough having to give myself time to heal... reducing running and slowing down my pace.  So, with the weakness and pain that I still have in my right leg I know my marathon time won't be what it could be.  Thus, the reason I'm simply going in with an attitude to enjoy myself and finish :)   I can set my first marathon race time and maybe beat that time next time around.

When my friends & family hear about my quest to run an insane amount of miles, I hear quite a few "you're crazy" responses!  Like they say with 13.1 You're Only Half Crazy.  After this weekends 26.2 (Lord willing) I'll be officially Fully Crazy!

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