Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Soccer Mom

I can now officially call myself a "soccer mom"! I/we just spent the last 8 weeks with our lives revolved around the Nampa KID Soccer spring season.  This year I decided to coach Trenton's 5 yr old team.  Having never played soccer myself I was alittle unsure about it at first but, hey, teaching little 5 yr olds to kick the ball into a net can't be too hard, right?  So, I went for it and had a super fun time! Every Wed I spent 45 minutes teaching the cutest 6 little kids how to shoot, pass and play the game.  Thankfully, I didn't have to teach them very technical things :)  There were 5 very energetic boys and 1 girl.  At first I wasn't too sure how she'd do with being the only girl on the team but, she actually ended up "showing up" the boys on numerous occasions! I loved getting to watch their skills and teamwork improve over the course of the 2 months.  I had one little guy that would participate in practice but, refused to play in the actual game (at first)  Throughout the season I worked slowly with him and by the last game he actually got right in there and made 2 goals! So awesome!  We celebrated the end-of-season with a fun pizza/cupcake party at the park. The kids loved the trophies I got them!  Casey and I are now thinking about coaching Trent's U6 team next year... it's a little more work with teaching more technical skills but with Casey's help, I think I can do it :) 
So, Tys had practice for his team on Tue evenings and Katie's was on Tue/Thur.  So, Casey mostly took Tys to his and I took Katie to hers.  Then, every Saturday was spent pretty much all day at the soccer fields for games.  We packed lunches and would just hang out in between games (if the timing was right.. no use driving all the way home for just a half an hour) It was nice getting to know other soccer families... and Tys' coach was a homeschooling family too!  Idaho spring weather could always be alittle crazy; either we froze from the cold or we fried in the heat.
My parents were able to make it to some of the games.. along with Casey's parents (when they were here visiting) and our dear friend Vera even came with for one of those Saturdays.

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