Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ladies Day

Race for the Cure was Saturday, May 10, here in Boise.  There was a group of us ladies that walked for "Team Stana".  Stana is the daughter of mom's best high school friend, Gail.  Stana passed away in 2012 of breast cancer; she was just 33 years old.  Gail and a few other friends came down from Montana for the weekend.  It was nice to meet a couple of mom's good childhood friends!  It was a rainy morning but the sun came out for the walk... it was lots of fun and seeing all the pink, creative costumes was highly entertaining :) 
 In the afternoon mom, Katie and I went shopping at the mall for our "Mothers Day" celebration.  Mom was able to get some new spring work clothes and, she also got Katie and I new spring clothes.  It was a fun afternoon!
That evening Katie spent the night at my parents (hung out with Papa) so Mom and I could have a "ladies night out" at the Melting Pot.  It was such an amazing 3 hour dinner experience!  There were 7 of us ladies (my aunts and mom's two friends, Gail and Pam) who enjoyed the 4 course meal of cheese/bread fondue, salad, meat/fondues with sauces and the yummy chocolate/dessert course.  We didn't leave until 11:30 that night!  SO MUCH FUN!!!  L to R: Pam, mom, Carol, Judy, Debbie, Gail, Me

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