Sunday, May 4, 2014


Last night Casey and I attended the Zion Christian School auction... their big yearly scholarship fundraiser.  This year our friends, Tonya & Katie, were the co-chairs for the event.  It was a Roaring 20's theme, delicious food catered by Kyle, live band and of course, the auction.  We helped out quite a bit throughout the event and, I was "Vanna White" for the auction... I did it last year too and always enjoy it.  It's fun to be on stage with the auctioneers and be a part of the action :) We visited with many dear friends and stayed afterwards to help with the clean up.  The best part was having Luisa spending the night with our kiddos so Casey and I didn't have to be home by a certain time... we went out for breakfast at Shari's afterwards and didn't get home until 1:30a.m.!  

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Heather said...

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