Saturday, March 15, 2014


Homeschooling has been going well! After the holidays we were able to get ourselves into a little better routine.  Monday & Wednesday are our bigger work load days... with lighter work on Tues & Thurs because Tys and Katie have school at Zion, piano and Trent has speech.  Then, Friday is our testing days and extra activities such as the library or field trips with Zion.  We've made adjustments here or there and, figured out what works best for us.  One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the flexibility!  Also, the kids are learning that the more diligent they are getting their school done the sooner they get to play :)  Katie and Tys have both written a couple of great book reports recently and, Trenton is busy learning his ABS's and numbers etc.  He is a more "hands on" learner so I've had to use some creativity in teaching him :)
One subject I'm not very good at or, don't particularly enjoy, is crafts.  So, that is one area I'm working on... because they LOVE it!
 Yesterday I got out the paint & markers and they them create their own St Patrick's Day art :)

 Quite often our "PE" time is at our local park.  They like to ride their bikes to the park while I run Kristiana in the jogger. Yesterday we brought the soccer ball and had fun playing a game against each other. Also, we usually have a little session of what I call "boot camp"... push ups, jumping jacks, planks, sit ups etc.  They're still working on "form" but have fun doing it!

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