Saturday, March 15, 2014

Catching Up

It looks like I haven't blogged in a while and have come catching up to do! Amazing how fast time flies and days soon turn into weeks.. and weeks soon turn into months.
We are loving the fact that spring is so very near and, we've had beautifully, warmer temperatures these last few days.  After school, the kids spend their afternoons playing outside with our neighbor kids.. riding their bikes and playing adventure games.  We have also gone a couple of times to our little neighborhood park; the kids ride their bikes while I run Kristiana in the stroller.  It's just so refreshing to be outdoors once again!
We're keeping busy with school, field trips and, activities such as friend's birthday parties, piano lessons, the library and going to the gym.  The kids love playing in the kiddie playland area while I get in my workouts.
Business for Casey at Foam Concepts is picking up once again (they're usually slower in the winter months) and his handyman business is also staying quite steady!  He always has at least one - two jobs lined up and works a couple of nights a week to get them done.  What a blessing!

Kristiana is always full of life and laughter!

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