Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shopping and Earrings

After an all weekend celebration, Katie's actual real 8th birthday was on Monday, the 6th.  She woke up to opening gifts and, eating her traditional birthday donuts. She then did school and played with her new toys.  In the afternoon we got to go on an all-girls shopping trip to the Boise Mall! Myself, my mom, Katie and her two girl friends, Raina & Janelie, had a fun afternoon/evening shopping and eating dinner at Old Chicago. The highlight of the trip was getting Katie's ears pierced at Claires! She had waited for 2 years to get her ears pierced and she was SO excited!  She was pretty brave about the actual piercing part and said it felt like a staple went through her ear (although, how would she know what a staple in her ear felt like? haha) But, she was able to spend some her birthday money on a couple pairs of earrings, new glasses (fake of course.. but, she's always wanted glasses!) and a crossbody purse from Justice.
 Girls' Shopping Spree!!! I love my girlie :)
 We picked up Janelie & Raina from school, took the younger kiddos to Casey at work and stopped by our favorite Dutch Bros for a special birthday smoothie!
 Getting her ears pierced!
We had a yummy dinner & dessert in the Old Chicago at the mall... the girls were having a great time... giggling and enjoying themselves!

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