Monday, January 13, 2014


Here are just a few photos from this last weekend and last week... taken from camera phones so not the best quality but, they'll do :)
 On Saturday my parents bought a new Bull Mastiff puppy named, Buddy. He's just 5 weeks old and an adorable ball of fur! He'll eventually grow up to be anywhere between 150-200 lbs so, for now, we're enjoying his little, snuggly size :)  We're "puppysitting" today and tomorrow while my parents work.. he's loved by all - especially the kids!
 Yesterday afternoon my mom and I went to a hike on Corral trail, off of Bogus Basin Rd. We were originally headed up to the top of Bogus but it was snowing so hard and the roads were icy.  We witnessed a numerous amount of vehicle slide offs so, decided to turn around the head back down.  The Corral Trail had just the right amount of snow that we didn't need the snowshoes and could walk ok in our hiking boots.  It snowed on us but, the temperatures were perfect for being outside!! Plus, such a great view of the city and valley!
 As a gift from my parents, I am now working out twice a week with our friend/trainer, Leon, and am totally loving it!  It's nice to be adding in weight & inner core training to go along with my running.  He's so knowledgeable in what he does and has already helped in improving a nagging pain I have in my lower back.  He also makes me work hard and push myself!

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