Thursday, July 25, 2013


On Sunday evening Casey and I took the kids to the nearby farm where Casey works (his part-time evening job) so they could practice driving the little go-cart and 4-wheeler. Tys is now at the age where he gets the mechanics of the machines and is doing really well at riding/driving. He enjoys giving rides to his siblings and tries to make it "crazy and fun"!  It's awesome to hear them laughing and having a great time! Trenton is still learning how to ride :)  He likes to "punch it" and go really fast! Both boys are doing great at learning not only driving skills but, also how to load and unload them into the back of the trailer, the importance of always wearing helmets and safety in their driving. This summer has been Kristiana's first time for taking rides and, of course, she loves it! Katie is also doing well at driving the go-cart; on this particular evening she was at a musical with my parents so she wasn't with us... 

 My handsome, hard-working man :)

 Kristiana's first go-cart ride! She kept wanting "more"

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