Saturday, July 6, 2013

Independence Day

We are having a fun and eventful summer so far! We've been filling our days with swimming at the water park, play days with friends, lazy days at home (or, busy days at home doing chores and weeding our growing garden!) and we recently went on a 5 day camping trip to Warm Lake. I'll post lots of pictures from our trip soon but, first here are a few photos from celebrating one of our favorite holidays, 4th of July!!! 
 Kristiana says "Happy Day!"  Her version of Happy Birthday USA :)
 In the morning I took the kids to our local Melba Fourth of July parade. It is quite a popular event in the area! Our friend, Cory, is on the local volunteer fire dept. so he, Raina and Janelie were in the parade (in one of the fire trucks *below)

 Waiting for candy to be thrown :)  Afterwards I asked Trenton what was his favorite part of the parade and he said the pack of about 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles that came through... forget the big, loud firetruck... he's moved on to motorcycles!  It's in his Haveman blood!

 Best friends ~ Janelie, Katie and Raina
 In the afternoon the kids and I helped Cory & Katie pack up their house (they moved this weekend to a new house in our area) Because the kids were all such good helpers, Casey brought out our little dune buggy to their house, in the evening, and they all had a blast driving/riding in it!!! Katie Rose has become a good driver however, Tys is even better as he understands the "mechanics" of driving it.  Besides a shrub that got "ran over", the kids all did great!

 At dusk we drove to the nearby hill and watched the awesome fireworks display that Melba puts on.  It was also cool to look out over the whole valley and see all the different fireworks going on; we had a wonderful day and are so thankful to live in a country that is still "the land of the free and home of the brave"!

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