Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Camping at Warm Lake

We went to Warm Lake with our good friends, Cory & Katie and their girls and, my parents.  This was our first camping trip with our new (older but new to us) camper! Casey had to do a little work to it before we left but, everything worked out great during the trip! It was originally my parents then, my gave it to my brother and sister in law. They recently decided they weren't going to be using it very much and gave it to us! At the campground we each had our own "spot" but was right next to each other. The kids loved having three big areas to play together in! Every day we played at the nearby lake; the beach area was very nice. There were also nearby trails for the kids to ride their bikes and go exploring. My mom and I also enjoyed our morning runs on those trails (got quite a work out in running up and down those mountains!) We also took walks or, just sat and relaxed around the fire. Here are a few photos from our fun afternoons at the lake or, time at the campsite... 
 Raina and Katie doing dishes
 The kids' "Starbucks" and cafe shop (Oh, how I was wishing for a real frappe!)

 Dad cooking up the breakfast bacon...

 Time for S'mores!

 Playing a game

ewwwww! Some sort of lake plant :)

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