Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Soccer Game 3

For 8 weeks our lives are revolving around the kid's soccer... practices during the week and games every Saturday.  Playing on a city league is definitely on a much larger realm of things versus what we were used to in Nevada (dealing with finding soccer fields, parking and people was slightly overwhelming that first weekend!) But, we're figuring out the "system" and, the kids love playing! Every player is given a blue or green uniform then, alternate wearing those colors each weekend. So, this last Saturday it just so happened that even though each of our kids are on different teams/levels, they were wearing all green! Having three kids on three different teams is also challenging at times.. this last Saturday Trent and Katie's game times overlapped each others by a half an hour. Thankfully, Casey didn't get an "calls" for work and he & I were each able to watch them. It has been wonderful to see their game skills grow and they are all enjoying their time playing. 

 Friends...Katie and Janelie trying to stay warm while watching Tys' game
 Kristiana's red nose will show just how cold those early morning games are!

 This is Trenton's first year for playing soccer. He's done great at learning to kick the ball and is a "fighter" :)

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