Monday, April 8, 2013

Half Marathon

Last Saturday, the 6th, I ran and completed my first half marathon! I had been training specifically for this race the last couple of months... logging an average of 25-30 miles a week. So, I was definitely ready to run this great event! I loved running it along side my mom and we just had a great time. We ran the High Speed Pursuit at the Idaho State Prison.. it supports the Police Officers Memorial Fund so, it was for a great cause. I admit I felt a little "out of my league" running with so many elite runners (officers, military etc) But, there were also many runners just like me :) 
 The day was a very wet and windy one! We faced long, straight, open roads of high winds and pelting rain... also, at times we were running in rough terrain and at a mountain climb. Thankfully, I live on a hill and had trained for that mountain during my weekly runs.
 Having not ran a half before, I used a slower pace and finished at 2:29:27.. coming in 17th in my age division. I ran along side my mom until the last three miles then, went ahead on my own and finished strong. My mom came in 4th for her age division and shaved off 5 minutes from her previous half marathon time! I'm so proud of her!
My next half marathon is scheduled for June... yes, crossing that finish line is somewhat addicting! :)

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