Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kristiana 4 months

I am not sure where this last month went but, Kristiana is now 4 months old! Her little baby "fat rolls" continue to grow and she has almost outgrown her 3-6 month size clothes. I am anxious to see how much she weighs at her checkup next week.... She still has a passion for eating and is now eating rice cereal every evening before bed (along with a bottle and nursing!) This helps her sleep until about 1 or 2 am. After that she's awake again in about 3 hours. But, I can't complain and am thankful she goes back to sleep! She is slowly getting a schedule for during the day... with 2 older siblings in school it has been hard to get that going for her. It seemed like she just falls into a deep sleep and I have to wake her up to either drop kids off or, pick them up. Thankfully, she sleeps really well in her car seat :) Mainly she takes power naps during the day with a good nap in the late afternoon. And, thankfully she's a laid-back baby who just goes with the flow of her busy family!

This last month Kristiana has become a little more mobile and quite a bit more interactive with us. We have found her tickle spot and love to hear her laugh outloud! She still hasn't mastered the art of rolling over but, is getting really close! However, she has learned how to wiggle around on her back and push herself upwards. If I leave her lying under her entertainer to play she isn't in the same spot when I come back... instead she is lying sideways or, taggled up in the legs of entertainer... she is all smiles and quite proud of herself :) She loves to sit with her siblings on the couch and listen to cartoons or have Katie "read" her a book. And, they love to talk or sing to her; in return she rewards them with her big smiles! We are so thankful and feel so blessed for our happy & sweet baby girl!

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Aw look at that smile!