Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Kristiana enjoying a little belly time on mommy's bed... she lasts for about 5 minutes before screaming! This week is a busy one for us (which week ISN'T a busy one for us!?) as Atlas is hosting this year's national training class called WreckMaster. Approximately 20 guys from around the western states will be here for the class which, is held tomorrow thru Sunday. Casey and the other guys at Atlas have been busy preparing for this... getting the yard ready and mock "accidents" set up for practice tows. At the end of the class they will be certified for a certain level of towing according to national standards and, on the cover of a towing magazine. Anyhow, Casey won't be the only family member busy this week as I am also busy catering the class' food for the morning coffee break: cinnamon rolls, cookies, coffee cakes etc. And, am looking forward to the big bbq that's being held at Atlas on Friday night!

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