Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Blackie", our new kitty, joined our family on Monday night. She was found by a friend's son in the desert, alone and abandonded. However, she must have just been dropped off because she was still pretty clean... although very skinny. Our friend's couldn't keep her so, after a quick begging to daddy ("puh-leeze, daddy, can we have a kitty?" ) we brought Blackie home! She is a sweet kitty and caught on to the litter box right away (sigh of relief) She will be an inside kitty for the winter then, hopefully a mouse & gopher catcher in the summer. The kids LOVE her and follow her around everywhere. She is still tiny so we're supplementing her meals to get a little meat on her bones. Her favorite place to rest is in the Elmo chair :) but, she also has her own space in the laundry room. I never thought I'd be a "cat person" but, she's proving me wrong! It's nice to snuggle with her in the early mornings and listen to her purrrrrr AND, her favorite person in the house is Casey!

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