Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Salt Lake City

On Sunday we headed to SLC for Kristiana's appointment at Primary Children's hospital. We arrived to Uncle Don and Aunt Arlene's house just in time to go to the Cracker Barrel for dinner and enjoy an evening of visiting with them! Kristiana's appt. was Monday morning at 10 and it went really well. We liked the pediatric dermatologist and she was very helpful in dealing with K's skin issue. She prescribed us some different medications that are supposed to work better than the ones she's on now and hope that if I can keep it maintained for now, this particular case will eventually go away. She diagnosed K as having intertrigo... which is basically chronic eczema. We are thankful for her good appointment! Taking a break at the salt flats

Casey has high hopes for our boy's future! (this is their new way of waiting nicely and safely by the car while we get the other kids unloaded...)

Kristiana hanging out with Uncle Don

After K's doctor's appt we stopped by the SLC airport on our way home to see my parents. They were flying home from Iowa and just so happened to be there on a 2 hour layover... the timing was perfect!

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