Monday, September 19, 2011

Monster Trucks

Before I had boys I couldn't tell you the first thing about Monster Trucks or, the world of Monster Jam. My boys have enlightened me on the different kinds of Monster trucks and I've learned their names (and even a few names of their drivers!) Casey's new RC Grave Digger has taken monster trucks to a whole new level for the boys. They love to spend the evenings chasing it around while Casey has his own fun with it....doing jumps and other tricks. When they're not running Grave Digger, the boys like to line up their monster trucks - big and small - and do comparisons or "zoom" them around the house. Tys and Trent with Little Grave Digger and Big Grave Digger

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GoodTimes said...

Isn't it great? I tell Jerry we ought to walk down the little girl's toy aisle because he gets to relive his childhood with the boys... What about me ;)