Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kristiana's Hospital Stay

As many of you already may know, Kristiana was admitted to the Elko hospital last Wednesday night for a bad skin infection that had turned to cellulitis and an infection in her blood.

A little heat rash began in the crevis of her neck, under her chin, while we were in Idaho about 3 weeks ago. She is a healthy baby with lots of rolls and no neck! So, we had a hard time getting that little heat rash to heal. It soon turned to a yeast rash and the bacteria took over. I had taken her to our local clinic when we got home but the medicine just wasn't working. It was continuing to grow, have open blister-like wounds and just looked horrible! I was going to take her back to the doctor (this time her pediatrician) but when she began running a high fever we rushed her to the Emergency Room instead. She was immediately given IV antibiotics and had labs drawn. She was then admitted to the 2nd floor for 3 days of IV medications and various creams on her neck.
As much as I didn't want to be admitted I was happy to be in the hospital where she was being taken care of and where things were getting done that I obviously couldn't do. I sat for 2 1/2 days in the that hospital bed holding her! We talked, smiled at each other and watched LOTS of t.v.!! We got to know the hospital staff and loved them... they fell in love with Kristiana and took great care of her. Many of them were newer nurses and had never really taken care of a baby before so, Kristiana was also a learning experience for them. Her fiery red rash soon began to heal and the infection level in her blood was down so, we were discharged home on Saturday afternoon with 2 oral meds and 2 creams that are to be applied each 3 times a day. I also came home with an antibiotic because while in the hospital I came down with strep throat, again, and spent those 2 days fighting a fever and sore throat... I figured being in the hospital was a good place to be sick!
We are so thankful to all of our friends and family who helped us out while the baby and I were in the hospital! Casey took a few days of work to take care of the kids and go to Elko to see us. Also, my dad was down from ID and helped out alot. Along with our good friends, Dena, Ambur and Judy. So many people helped out with our kids and feeding them :)

The hardest part was about our baby in the hospital was all of the poking and prodding that she got. We got very little rest due to everybody coming in and out (nurses, lab techs, doctors, housekeeping etc)

All smiles and ready to go home!! We arrived home just in time to watch BSU beat Georgia and, our friends Becky & Tony made us a yummy brisket dinner.... which, was WAY better than hospital food!!

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Geer Family said...

these pics are just adorable even though she was sick. I am so thankful you told me the cause of the infection. We've been fighting what I think is a yeast infection on M's chest for months b/c he drools so much. Eden's Salve from keeps it under control but doesn't heal it, so we have an appt today to figure out what cream can heal it.