Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our week

As always, our weeks fly by and are always filled to the brim with action packed fun and adventure! It's never a dull moment around the Haveman home.
Monday ~ Casey and I arrived home late from our wonderful trip to Lake Tahoe. Casey began assembling our new ceiling fans and tall lamp and putting up my new kitchen curtain. It's always fun to get new items for the house and see the improvements. My dad had painted the family room walls for us while we were away but, had problems with the paint (that's what I get for buying cheap Wal-Mart paint!) And, I realized that the color I chose was WAY to bright. It looked more like a blood red then the deeper red we were going for. So, we spent the week with the family room all tore a part until he could re-paint it again on Friday. Thanks, dad, for being so patient and kind to paint for me!
Tuesday ~ I had Women's Bible Study in the a.m. Then, went out to lunch with the kids, cousin Tracey and my mom for my mom's birthday. After being away from the kids for almost 3 days, it was so good to see them again! While we were gone, my mom took Trent off the bottle and seemed to be doing fine. That is, until he got home and realized there was no "ba-ba" at home either. Then, he became VERY crabby and has been having withdrawls all week. He is not a happy boy! Today is the first day that he actually took a nap without crying (screaming) for at least 45 mins before falling asleep. And, on some days he never napped at all. So, I'm hoping this week is better with no "ba-ba". And, it's a good thing my mom actually threw the bottles out (he was down to just two) because I probably would have given in and let him have them :)
Wednesday ~ Katie had school, did errands, laundry and clean up the house after getting behind. Amazing how much laundry gets accumulated when you don't do it for a couple of days.
Thursday ~ the kids and I cleaned house. And, the kids had a wonderful "birthday party" for me... complete with games, food (plastic) and gifts. Even Jona Bear dressed up for the occassion! Friday ~ While Katie was at school, I did some errands and hung out at my parents house with the boys while my dad painted the family room. At one point, Tys hurt his leg in the living room. I was in the kitchen and not sure of what happened but, Tys kept saying that he "slipped". He wouldn't walk on his leg for the rest of the day and was in lots of pain. That evening my mom came over after work and we bandaged his leg... by now I had figured out that he hurt the most between his knee and ankle. He wouldn't walk on it at all; I had to either carry him or, he'd crawl.
Saturday ~ his leg wasn't any better so I took him to the E.R. for some x-rays. There was no break so, we are assuming that it is bad sprain or contusion to the bone. Tys was still in lots of pain and not walking. To get his mind of his leg, my mom and I decided to take the kids to the movies in Elko that afternoon. They loved Yogi Bear! This was Trent's first movie at the big movie theater and did pretty good. I couldn't believe how much popcorn he consumed during the movie!
Today ~ Tys' leg is feeling better but he's still crawling. He wakes up during the night from the pain (needing more meds) but, we can see some improvement.
So, that's our week in a nutshell. I should be taking more pictures but, just haven't been very good about that lately... for some reason.... I am now 19 weeks along and feeling the baby's "thumps" during the day. And, even more so at night! I was telling Casey that we are getting to the exciting part of the pregnancy where I'm not so sick and we can begin feeling the baby. Makes it all seem so real!

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Ri said...

Aw I hope Tys' leg feels better! and yeah, I think the penchant for excitement and adventure runs in the family because my house is full of it too! :-) I'm excited to see pictures of your new living room!