Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Girl

Today was the big day where we found out if Baby Haveman was a girl or boy. Katie had been praying for months for a baby sister and, I know that Casey has also been secretly praying for a daughter as well! There were also many more family members and friends who wished for a girl too. Up until about 2 weeks ago I truly didn't mind either way. That is, until my friend Becky had her baby girl. Once I held that tiny bundle of pink, I knew that I wanted a girl also! Of course, having a boy would have been great and as Katie kept telling us "we will love him anyway" We were overjoyed this morning to find out that God is blessing us with a GIRL! She was not at all shy about showing us that she was a girl... however, kept hiding her face with her hands so that we couldn't get a clear picture of her face. Anyhow, we got the answer we desired.... We are quickly learning that she is a very active baby; always kicking and moving her hands. Infact, for most of the ultrasound she was sucking her left hand and, you could see the specific movements of her mouth. While sucking her left hand, she kept her right hand up to her face or raised it above her head. It was all so very wonderful to see! We love our 2 doctors at the women's clinic that I go to. Today we saw Dr Z. and he was very kind to take his time and show us all of her body parts (of course, he was also checking things) and let us just sit there for a period to time to watch her.
After our appointment, Casey and I headed to JC Penney's to buy our little girl an outfit. This is a tradition that he and I have always done for our babies. On the day we find out if they're a boy or girl, we go out and buy them a special outfit. Well, today we were so happy we ended up buying her 3 new summer, newborn outfits (and b/c Penney's was having a good sale...) We also ate lunch at our favorite Basque restaurant, The Star. Then, this evening we enjoyed a celebration dinner of pizza with our family (Joe, my cousins and my parents)
When we got home from Elko, I got the kids together and told them that they were going to have a baby sister. Katie was SO excited and immediately gave one of her special stuffed animals to her baby sister and, she had drawn a picture for her while I was at the doctor. Tys said "no, it's a boy because a girl baby will make you sick" He is happy to be having a sister but, wants a boy baby b/c I've been so sick and he blames it on the "girl". And, Trenton didn't have a clue that his life is about to be changed forever!!
We feel blessed and thankful that, so far, the baby is looking good and healthy. And, look forward to finally being able to meet her! Above: 21 weeks
Below: Baby's face. Not the best pictures because she kept hiding her face. The 4 little dots by her mouth are her left fingers.


Lorissa said...

Hooray for a sweet little girl!

Anne Marije said...

I'm so excited for you guys!
Oh, and I think Emma is a cute name.. haha! Do you have a name for her yet?

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Congratulations, that is exciting!