Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 years

Casey and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary yesterday. All we could say to each other was "wow, how time flies!" I am thankful everyday for my husband, who works very hard to support his family and loves me inspite of my hormonal pregnancy moments! lol
We had already celebrated our anniversary while in Lake Tahoe last month so, we kept yesterday low key. We went out to breakfast in the morning (funny how when you have little kids your anniversary revolves around them!) Casey had the day off and was able to get a few of his projects done during the day. I was busy preparing for my parent's farewell party which, is at our house today. In the evening my parents came over and mom cooked us one of our fav. meals: carne asada steak, Spanish rice, homemade refried beans and lots of salsas and chips and, dessert of apple & peach pies! It was so yummy. Our OSO. aka. Joe, and his parents also came over for dinner. It was a fun evening with our friends and family. I am excited to see what God has in store for us this next year. And I am so thankful that He gave me Casey to share in our "journey of life" together!


Deb said...

And we are thankful for YOU too Lisa. It's a blessing to have a daughter in law like you :) XOXO

Geer Family said...

farwell dinner? where r they going?