Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Week So Far...

We enjoyed a relaxing, quiet weekend with Casey and, are now missing him this week as he's at welding school in Reno. I have been getting up early in the mornings and going to the gym around 6. Going this early gets me home earlier, which enables the kids and I to still get a good start to the day. Another thing I've added to my already busy day is watching the reruns of the show 24; my mom and I have gotten addicted to them and find it hard to not just sit and watch them all day :) So, we've allowed ourselves to 2 episodes during the kid's nap times... Tys is doing SO good with his potty training! A couple of times he has told us when he needed to go but, is mainly just waiting and going when we put him on the potty... and, he's still having a few accidents throughout the day but is really improving this week. I just love the excited look on his face when he goes potty and gets M&M's :) Katie is quite the social butterfly these days. She had her friend, Taylor, over to play yesterday morning (they had an "ice cream cone party"!) and, is having Marisa over today. Trent has been a crabby, clingy little boy lately! I'm pretty sure its from having Casey gone so much; when Casey is home Trent is his daddy's boy and wants to be with Casey all the time. We are "fish sitting" for Taylor & Dalton these next 2 weeks. The kids are loving it! They take turns feeding Rufus and talking to him.