Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet boy

At dinner last night, Tys said "Mommy, you're the best cooker ever! You're my Ha-ro (hero)" He is such a sweet boy and made my efforts at cooking a nice meal so worth it! The way to this little boy's heart is through his stomach :) Tys had a great day of potty training yesterday.. with only 3 accidents, he had more successes than accidents!
Above: Trent showing off his new "Dutch Bros Baby" t-shirt
Below: Trent showing off his new talent of getting into mommy's purse
We were happy to see Casey arrive safely home on Thursday evening and, were able to spend Friday morning with him before he went on nights last night. There were a few adjustments made to the work schedule at Dyno... all of the guys that are going to be laid off in April (that includes Casey) were put on a straight days Mon-Fri schedule. Casey was the ONLY man not put on this new schedule and left on the current, regular shift work. If Casey had went to straight days he wouldn't be able to finish his welding class in Reno... We are so thankful for God's continued care and blessings!
Briana and Michael are staying with us this weekend and, they're such a big help with the kids and fun to have around! I will be busy today preparing for tonight's couples Valentines dinner, which is at our house..... look for future pictures from tonight's fun evening!