Monday, September 14, 2009

Mom and I were laughing today at how much mischief Trent gets himself into these days! He uses his walker to get himself all over the house... in and out of rooms, ramming into people on purpose, following his siblings around and grabbing things as he vooms on by. Today I caught him with the broom and mop... he was pretty pleased with himself! Today Tys kept himself busy with his work tools. He uses his hammer and saw around the house.. he's wearing his daddy's sunglasses. He informed us that he was "working like dada"!
We're still getting veggies from the garden... mom made zucchini bread and salsa today.
I took Tys, Katie and Jakob to the park this morning; I met my friend, Lisa, and her little girl there too. It was a fun morning and, Tys learned how to climb to the top of the big slide (a little nerve wracking for me! But, he kept saying "I got it" and was being a big boy!)