Wednesday, September 30, 2009

home again

After spending 12 fun filled days in sunny, hot California, we arrived home to our desert, cold, windy Nevada last night (it actually rained mud last night!) And even though we had a great vacation, it's always nice to be home :)
The beginning of our vacation was quite a challenge as Trent broke out with chicken pox the day we left. This meant that the first 4 days were spent home bound at Mom and Dad's house (although that wasn't too bad as I enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country) with a very sick little baby. He had those nasty little itchy spots everywhere! Thankfully, our family was still gracious enough to let us be around them :) We enjoyed visiting family who came over to see us (Aunt Vonnie and Uncle Rod, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Keith, Renee, Lorissa, Nathan, Mark) and Casey and I took turns getting "out". We were also able to do family portraits on Monday - Trent will forever have his spots in those portraits to remind him of his case of the chicken pox!!

We spent the rest of our time doing fun things with Jerry & Bernice, James & Lucas, Marie and Mom and Dad.. it was so awesome to have everyone together!! The kids all played great together and the boys worked around the yard with their hammers!

I have LOTS of pictures to download and sort through.. will try to get to it as quickly as possible in between the unpacking!