Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trip to the park

The weather was so beautiful today I got the kids outside for a little fresh air! First, we drove out to Casey's work and visited him for a few minutes. The kids love visiting daddy because they get to see all of the rail cars waiting to be loaded (and the cows that are along the way...) Then, we stopped in to see my mom, at the hospital, before heading to the park. Tys is big enough this year that he can pretty much climb the steps all by himself! And, Katie is getting more adventurous with the equipment as well. We also kicked her soccer ball around a little before going home for lunch....

I admit I was a little unsure about going to the park, by myself, with 3 little kids. But, it went well!! Trent hung out in his car seat while Katie and Tys played. There were a few times when I was busy helping Katie and couldn't catch Tys when he went flying down the slide... landing on his bottom/back with a big "thud"!! But, all survived and had fun :)