Monday, March 16, 2009

Mondays are always cleaning day around our house. The kids help me clean, do laundry and pick up from the weekend. Their favorite jobs are dusting and vaccuming! I use our big vaccum while they get to use the little one and clean the rug. It keeps them busy for a while :)
A picture of Trent from the weekend... he is such a happy little guy!! AND, he's been sleeping 6 hours at a time now at night!!!
We had a good weekend, although it went too quickly. Casey began his week off on Friday (however, he's working three days of overtime this week) On Friday night my mom and I went to a friend's Body Shop/wine party. I used their products and gave myself a much needed pedicure and, just had a great time with "the girls"! Thanks to my wonderful husband, Dad and Joe who stayed home with the kids so mom and I could go :) Note: I love how it takes 3 guys to watch 3 kids while I have all 3 by myself all day long! hee hee
Saturday, we mainly hung out at the house. Casey went to the gun range in the morning, with Joe, and shot his new gun. Then, that evening we had friends over for dinner.
Sunday, we went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant (it's also the only one in town!) with friends, Joe, Judy & Ken and, Bryan & Ambur and their two girls. We managed a meal "out" with all three kids and no major catastrophes! That afternoon Casey and I watched a movie and I made Ann's famous Misssissippi Mud Pie.... I brought it to Ken and Judy's house last night and everyone loved it. Joe was the happiest of all because he got to take some home :) Thanks, Ann, for your recipe. We all thought of ya'll as we ate it :)