Thursday, March 5, 2009

belly time

Trent is very generous with his smiles these days!I had him do some belly-time today to strengthen those neck/head muscles... definitely not his favorite thing in the world to do but, he happily did it for a short period of time.
"ok, mom, maybe this isn't so bad after all..."

"actually, it might even be fun!!"

"or, not!"

Tys ~ our little orphan boy in need of a haircut

Katie ~ our little orphan girl in need of a hair comb!
I got some scrapbooking done today while the kids got to get out ALL of their toys and make a mess. This is usually what happens while I'm busy cutting and pasting :) But, they had a fun time at it and played pretty good together (I say just "pretty good" because Tys is still learning how to share and, Katie is still learning how to be patient!) After Casey went to work, we spent the evening picking up their toys and having a bath. Then, we watched a new Shirley Temple movie that I recently got for Katie. Katie, of course, loved it and now wants to be a ballerina like "that girl in the movie"