Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oregon Coast

For the Fourth of July, we loaded up the kids, Missy and our camp trailer and headed to the Oregon Coast for the long weekend.  We stayed in a wonderful campground just out of Florence (and right near the ocean) It was such a fabulous time with our family!  The kids saw the ocean for the first time... and even though it wasn't their absolute favorite, they still had a blast (I suppose we are all just "mountain people" at heart)  We spent time at the beach, ate yummy local ice cream, hiked in the thickly wooded trails and drove up the coastal highway to a lighthouse.
 Missy's first big family vacation!
 Trenton had a loose tooth that he didn't want to pull but, it kept bothering him.  Casey told him that if he pulled that tooth before our next stop Trenton could have his very own soda.  That tooth came right out and Trenton enjoyed his soda!
 Experiencing the ocean for the first time!  They were a bit surprised by its vastness and the cold water temperatures... but, it was still a wonderful time!
 Soaking up the sun with my love...

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